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10 Early Warning Signs Of Mold Toxicity Everyone Should Know

2. Itchy / Watery Eyes

Mycotoxins present in the air can immediately enter your eyes. When mycotoxins come into contact with the cells in your eyes, they cause your eyes to fill with water and become spicy. You may also notice that your throat itches. This is a common problem related to the toxicity of black mold.

3. Excessive cough

The third most common warning sign of exposure to black mold is extreme cough and mucus. Not all people exposed to mold develop a cough, but many people do, especially with prolonged exposure. Anyone having respiratory or immune system disorders are at a higher risk of developing coughs due to mold. In the long term, intense exposure to mold can also cause bronchitis and pneumonia, which can also cause cough. You must visit a doctor to find out what exactly is causing the cough.

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